Bookworm Confidential: “Timeline”


"Timeline" by Michael Crichton:

The story begins with a man found wandering in a desert in Arizona. He is speaking in rhymes and saying things that make no sense. He is taken to the hospital, but there he dies. After conducting an MRI on him, something seems strange about the way he died. But the body was picked up by the company in which he worked, and was cremated.

That same company, ITC, is funding archeological research and digging on a site in France. Here the archeologists find something strange, and ITC takes them to their company.

This company has created a type of technology in which people can travel back into the past. The archeologists are then given the chance to study the past; while it is occurring. They accept this chance, and now they must survive—-six hundred years in the past.

The book is divided into four (4) different sections, and also has an Introduction and an epilogue. The chapters in the book are not labeled (except for those in the fourth section) and there are a total of eighty-nine (89) chapters in the book (not counting the Introduction and Epilogue). Each section has a name of a different location; each being relevant to the setting of the story at different times. The first section has five (5) chapters, the second has fourteen (14), the third has nine (9), and the fourth has sixty-one (61). The first fifty-nine (59) chapters of the last section are labeled with an hour stamp (ex. 20:13:15).

The book has illustrations (in about 14 pages) which aide in imagining different concepts of the story (ex. explaining space travel, architectural designs, etc).

The reader is introduced to thirty-seven (37) characters in the story. Some characters are not as significant (such as the characters that are only mentioned but don’t have active roles in the story). There are about eighteen main characters in the story. The characters are diverse and realistic.

The story has mystery, suspense, and action. The story starts off with an incident of intrigue, and its pace slows down only when the characters are being introduced. There are scenes of war, murder, fighting, etc. The setting takes place in the past during medieval times, so there are castles, knights, etc.

Some themes in the story are: chivalry, friendship, war, and survival.

                                                                      (ISBN 978-0-345-53901-4)

                                                            I give this book a rating of: 5 out of 5

This is just my little ole opinion on “Timeline”. I’m just a bookworm typing out my opinion on a book I read. :) 

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